Portfolio Updates

On an annual basis, I trash and rebuild this website to reflect on my growing values.

  • Stripping away from my working identity and ego has helped me connect more authentically with people. And touch more grass.

    The 2023 homepage in dark mode with a simple headline and no distracting links.
  • I’m still trying to figure out my sense of balance, identity(ies), and goals in a deeply unjust and complex world.

    The 2022 homepage of my portfolio. It was titled Josh, co-designs equitable and anti-ableist experiences.
  • Instead of writing a deeply introspective post with a witty title, I want to learn how to chill out and enjoy life a little more.

    The 2021 homepage of my portfolio features a slightly shorter title and a new font family.
  • I spent alot of time thinking about how little control I have in my work. Alot of that was focused around the mediums I use.

    The 2020 homepage of my portfolio features a new tagline and a stronger focus on content.
  • 2019 popped my bubble of naive realism and projection bias. As a result, I want to create more meaningful and inclusive products.

    The 2019 homepage of Josh Kim UX was set on a white background. It was titled Inclusive UX Researcher and Designer with a yellow call to action and my ugly face on the right.
  • I didn’t sit down in front of my computer to muscle an update in one go. Instead, it was an iterative process.

    The 2018 homepage of Josh Kim UX was set on a grey card above a white background. It was titled My name is Josh Kim with a cheesy graphic of myself sitting in a suit. I cringe every time.
  • I am a UX Designer. I am not a graphic designer. I am not developer. Can I do work in both? Yes, but that’s not what I want to communicate.

    An illustrator artboard of various versions of my logo. It featured three blocky squares shaped to read out KIM along with two wireframe circles to mimic my Korean first name Young.
  • The doubt kicked in. Maybe my website really is bad. No, sweet and innocent younger me, it sucked and it always will.

    My 2016 portfolio featured a small picture of me in front of a Korean cathedral. The page was titled F/design which stands for Feather Design along with my supposed titles at the time: ux designer, graphic artist, and web developer.