Email me for rates and availability, but highkey I can help you find someone else that's not a cis dude like me.

  • *Glances at AI*.... ah shit, here we go again. I partnered with Dave Sukharan to give some students a pragmatic, actionable start to ethics.

    A figjam of students completing a dichotomy mapping workshop
  • Spoiler alert, inclusion ain't enough. We need justice. Maureen and I shared how to avoid exclusive patterns we've seen in research.

    A slide on the need for more reflexivity in research transitioning into a slide calling for systemic changes
  • I partnered with carbon five on a panel exploring intersectionality in design. And seriously. Y'all really gotta stop it with the convenience sampling.

    Two white presenting women, one black woman, and Josh on a zoom panel

Experience, quirks, and topics

I've given workshops and talks from universities to international organizations. I usually bring a friend or two.

For all my talks, check out my resume.

  • Design Ethics 🧭

    I've been invited to curate assignments and resources on AI and design ethics for the University of Virginia.

  • Accessibility 💙

    I've provided training to the US Digital Service on how the government can better practice accessibility beyond compliance.

  • Inclusive Research 🫰🏽

    I've spoken internationally on intersectional research methods and design justice at Inclusive Design 24.