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I'm here to help or talk about opportunities we can design together. Expect a response in 2 days, or else I owe you a donut.*

Contact Information

Email me at joshkimux@gmail.com or Connect with me on LinkedIn

Moshi moshi


Open to full-time senior UX, accessibility, or product designer positions in the DC metro area, New York City, Japan, or remote. Willing to relocate to other locations depending on the company.

For more, view my resume.

Students and New Designers

If you're new to or transitioning into a design career, I'm here to help regardless of your skill level or background. As someone who transitioned into UX knowing next to nothing, I want to pay back the mentorship I received forward.

Schedule a meeting on calendly to set up a time to chat!


If your nonprofit needs design, front end development, or user research assistance; please reach me by email at joshkimux@gmail.com. Currently, I can only accommodate up to 2-3 hours a week as I am volunteering 10 hours a week on other pro bono projects.