*Slaps roof of my career* this bad boy can fit so many NDAs. For all 9 years of experience, check my resume 🧾


I transformed DC Design Week from an inaccessible brand into an accessible beyond compliant experience.

A figma page full of accessible button and link styles
An accessibility page on a mobile screen. DC Design Week is committed to improving accessibility and inclusion efforts each year.


I shifted the strategy of a service portal's redesign from downstream UI bandaids to upstream human-centered solutions.

A service portal with a large search bar, and two main sections providing quick access to services.
Layers of prototyped wireframes with sticky notes with user feedback

U.S. Digital Response

I redesigned an online loan eligibility checker that reached over 50,000 small business owners in need.

Desktop view of the loan eligibility checker displaying recommendations.
Two brightly drawn people talking to one another about loans.

More work



  • Portfolio updates

    On an annual basis, I trash and rebuild this website to reflect on my growing values 🚮

    My Sisyphean Task
  • Co-designing a non-profit website

    How I used participatory design methods to design a website for a local art non-profit 🎨

    Community Art for Everyone
  • The Perfect Brew

    A big f**k up project where I learned how to balance rigor in design

    De Clieu Coffee