I'm smiling awkwardly wearing a shirt that says digital equality is my jam.

anchor My Design Principles

I found my direction in design through the words of my heroes.

  • Exclusion and inclusion are a series of choices designers make every day. Period.

    Kat Holmes
  • Be present for the whole journey, learners that you are. Be present for the whole journey.

    Halcolm (Michael Patton)
  • Stop blaming everybody else for the problem or pretending that it is too hard for us to solve. Let’s put that spirit of innovation and embrace of radical change to good use.

    Emily Chang

anchor Josh, the Human

Beyond my working hours, I try to be a helper when I can from volunteering at local community art days to making design conferences more accessible.

Otherwise, you can usually find me cooking at home with my wife, sliding around with a tennis racket, or chilling with friends at the Shamrock Pub in 홍대.

8 volunteers from Community Art for Everyone posing for a picture in front of a chalk art wall.
I helped organize a local art day as a board member of Community Art for Everyone.