About Me

I'm a military brat, 2nd gen Korean-American, etc. People are complex, so I design from the margins.

My Principles

I've found myself stubbornly aligned with these quotes.

They've guided many a decision in my career.

  • Make mistakes, but also make real amends.

    Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall, Decolonizing Design
  • Be present for the whole journey, learners that you are.

    Halcolm, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods
  • The best interface is no interface.

    Golden Krishna, The Best Interface is No Interface

Beyond Work

I help organize local community art events in my free time.

Ya boi was rejected from art school, so it's fun pretending I know what I'm doing in front of local kids.

A local Korean ring dance I helped organize for the community.