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The Perfect Brew

The Perfect Brew was a project with an unachievable goal: to create the perfect cafe website and experience.

Over the course of a year, I learned of the impossible nature of perfection in design; and the practical reasons why flexibility towards the context of work is more important than rigor.

Articles on Progress

Conclusion: Why Perfection in Design isn't Perfect

This project was a failure from the start. After another year of experience in the field and personal studies I came to better understand why design must fundamentally always begin with the context.

JOSH | 01/11/19

Fantastic Fours

I created a lightweight, homebrew prototyping exercise for mobile wireframing to kickoff the ideation phase of the project. We started with the digital menu.

JOSH | 05/07/18


I rebounded from the failure of the WAAD and chose to pursue goal-directed design methods from the Cooper group. This involved putting together personas the right way (data-driven).

JOSH | 04/29/18


Using the raw data from the interviews, I facilitated a WAAD session that would turn out to be the project's biggest failure and lesson: plan for the project, not by the book.

JOSH | 04/17/18

An Interview on Interviews

I wanted to ensure that we were getting our data from our users. Zoey and I put together an interview protocol, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.

JOSH AND ZOEY | 03/30/18

Building Blocks

Austin created a vision document to better define the path of the project.

AUSTIN | 03/11/18

A Crazy Idea

In the beginning I had an idea. Let's make the best digital cafe experience ever.

JOSH | 02/25/18

The Perfect Brew Team

Zoey Ryu

Zoey Ryu

Role: UX Quality Assurance

I am a Human Experience consultant at Lextant.

With my expertise, I am overseeing this project’s UX life-cycle from current experience research to prototype evaluation. I’m thrilled to be part of this creative process with a cross-functional team to build a better user experience for one of the things I love… a good cup of latte.

Outside of UX, I eat and I travel.

Favorite Coffee: Starbucks' Holiday Spice

Austin Garrett

Austin Garrett

Role: Systems Engineer and Software Developer

Currently, I am working as a full-time Software Engineer. I am also working towards my Master of Science in Engineering in Systems Engineering! Part of the reason I wanted to join this project was to expand my software engineering abilities to include some web development as well as practice my systems engineering skills.

Favorite Coffee: Cappuccino

Caroline  Whitacre

Caroline Whitacre

Role: Photographer

Hi I’m Caroline! I️ am a frequent customer at De Clieu. One day while getting my daily cup of coffee, I️ was asked to be interviewed for the De Clieu website. Long story short, I️ was asked to be apart of the website’s visual team as the photographer. I️ have a passion for painting and photography and have been practicing my craft for many years. In the Fall I️ am planning on attending a 4 year University for Industrial Design!

Favorite Coffee: Mocha with Whip Cream

Tim Lee

Tim Lee

Role: Software Developer and Data Analyst

Currently a IT Analyst at Freddie Mac. I like sports and fashion.

Favorite Coffee: Black

Jenny Vo

Jenny Vo

Role: Visual Designer

Hi, I’m Jenny and I’m currently a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. My role as the visual designer on this project is to have website reflect the heart and soul of De Clieu by making sure it looks as great as it can be. In my free time, I love cooking and traveling!

Favorite Coffee: Iced Vietnamese

Jasmine Steere

Jazzii Steere

Role: Barista and Field Expert

I am currently head barista at De Clieu. I’m on this project to help answer any questions about De Clieu, customers, and the coffee world. Oh, and to provide the caffeine fix for the best team! I’m really excited to work with everyone and create the best online presence for the store.

Favorite Coffee: Cortado

Josh Kim

Josh Kim

Role: Project Manager and UX Designer

You probably know alot about me if you're on this site. If not, check out my about page. My role on this project is to serve as both a project manager and a UX designer, so I'm excited to guide this talented team towards an experience-focused delivery.

Favorite Coffee: Long Black

Useless Guy

Matt Ng

Role: Emotional Support

Matt orders pizza but gets it delivered to the wrong address. He's ok at modeling.

Favorite Coffee: Nothing

You're in archived territory! These pages haven't been updated since 2018!

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