U.S. Digital Response

I redesigned an online loan eligibility checker that has reached over 50,000 small business owners in need.

Desktop view of the loan eligibility checker displaying recommendations.
Two brightly drawn people talking to one another about loans.

Community Art for Everyone

I used participatory design methods to co-create and scale up a local nonprofit’s website and brand.

CAFE's branding guide features purples, reds, and oranges with a brick motif.
A colorful desktop page of CAFE's new website.

My S*** Portfolio

On an annual basis, I trash and renew this website to better represent my growing values as a designer.

A trello board of my WIP items. It never ends.
This is fine dog.

Cafe De Clieu

I learned about the foolish pursuit of perfection in design through a failed attempt at redesigning a cafe's website.

A wireframe of a coffee app overlayed on a persona of a young lady.
A team of young professionals gathered in a cafe sorting through paper notes.