Reseach in Health Care

Leading User Research in State Health Care

Role: Lead UX Designer
Date: Mar.2018 - Dec.2018

Led user research and design on a state-wide health care app. Worked through and successfully launched a product despite significant constraints.

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The Perfect Brew - De Clieu

The Perfect Brew

Role: UX / Project Lead
Date: Feb.2018 - Jan.2019

The quest to make the ultimate digital coffee shop experience, and a lesson in why there is no such thing as "perfect" in design.

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Becoming a Diversity Champion

Role: Fun Coordinator
Date: 2017 - Present

Since joining Deloitte Digital I have made it a mission to make work feel more like home to everyone. By using events that make diversity tangible in work place culture, I've found ways to help everyone feel like they belong. It's deliberate, it's purposeful, but most importantly- it's fun.

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Why My Website Sucks

Role: Me
Date: Apr.2016 - the day I get good

A diary of iterating through failure.

  1. Apr.2017: The Importance of Re-Invention
  2. Feb.2018: The Process of Identity, Through Logos
  3. Feb.2018: The Great Identity Crisis

Tools: Everything I know

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Misc. Collection

Role: Freelance
Date: 2010 - ??

A collection/dump of design work, websites, and projects I have undertaken over the years.

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