Inclusive researcher and designer focused on design ethics and accessibility.

Currently a Senior Designer and Accessibility Specialist at Ad Hoc improving accessibility at Veterans Affairs.

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  1. 1. Flexible and multi-disciplinary

    Researcher, designer, developer— my titles have always been in flux to serve my end users. I've led discovery teams, prototyped high-fidelity flows, tested for accessibility compliance, and presented at major client meetings.

  2. 2. 5+ years of design consulting experience

    From serving government agencies like the CIA, USDA, and Veterans Affairs to providing consulting guidance to Southern New Hampshire University and Amtrak— I'm a pro at adapting to new design contexts.

    I can't share client work due to NDAs, but you can check out my pro bono projects or see my activity on github instead.

  3. 3. I regularly teach and speak on design

    I've been invited to speak at the National Intelligence University, Carnegie Mellon, and Virginia Tech. I’ve also helped architect design ethics course material at the University of Virginia.

    Check out my writing and speaking materials.

  4. 4. Design is my calling, not just a career

    Design is in my blood. I’ve read over 100+ books on design and regularly give back to the community from improving accessibility at DC Design Week to sourcing diverse speakers for the Dot Gov Design Conference.

  5. 5. Inclusion first

    Ethically grounded, inclusive, empathetic— are the adjectives most frequently ascribed to me by my peers. It’s because I believe in serving and centering marginalized people first. I design with, I don’t design for.

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