Redesigning a Service Portal and Its Team's Culture

In a little over 3 weeks, I conducted user research on a service portal for a government agency. I discovered a major neglected user group, began work on a design system and created a team-wide paradigm shift towards human-centered design.

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Featured Work

Reseach in Health Care

Leading User Research for a State Healthcare App

User Research, Deloitte Digital
Mar.2018 - Dec.2018

I evangelized, planned and facilitated user research for a state-wide health care app that was in murky water. The secret sauce for success? Persistence, consulting jedi mind tricks and empathy.

Why My Website Sucks

UI Design, For Myself
Apr.2016 - 20XX

This website really sucks... but that's ok. Reflecting on my many failures encourages me; it means I'm not done learning yet.

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The Perfect Brew - De Clieu

The Perfect Brew Failed Design Project

Full UX Lifecycle, Freelance
Feb.2018 - Jan.2019

This was the doomed quest to make the ultimate digital coffee shop experience, and a lesson in why "perfect" doesn't exist in design.

More Work and Articles

I believe that diversity and inclusion must be both deliberate and tangible. Here's how I learned the ropes.

Culture Chair at Deloitte Digital, 2018-Present

I helped redesign an orcale app used by hundreds of VT employees under the mentorship of Kim Gausepohl Ph.D.

UX Intern at Virginia Tech, 2016

I co-founded a systems engineering LLC. I learned about the value of HCD through a series of mistakes.

Co-Founder of ITZ-LLC, 2011-17

A collection and dump of my memorable design work, most notably Roger Federer liking my stuff on twitter.

Me doing me things, 2011-17