Reseach in Health Care

Building Empathy with User Research in State Health Care

User Research, Deloitte Digital
Mar.2018 - Dec.2018

I evangelized, planned and facilitated user research for a state-wide health care app that was in murky water. The secret sauce for success? Persistence, consulting jedi mind tricks and empathy.

The Perfect Brew - De Clieu

The Perfect Brew

Full UX Lifecycle, Freelance
Feb.2018 - Jan.2019

This was the doomed quest to make the ultimate digital coffee shop experience, and a lesson in why "perfect" doesn't exist in design.

Find out about what made this project fall apart and how it made me a much better designer and leader.

Becoming a Diversity Champion

Culture and DnI, Deloitte Digital
2017 - Present

Since joining Deloitte Digital I've made it my mission to make work feel more like home to everyone by using events that make diversity tangible in work place culture. It's deliberate, it's purposeful, but most importantly- it's a hell of alot of fun.

Why My Website Sucks

UI Design, Design Diary
Apr.2016 - 20XX

This website really sucks... but that's ok. Reflecting on my many failures encourages me; it means I'm not done learning yet.

Get to know a little more about my hustle, and maybe drop some feedback too if you have the time!

Misc. Collection

Visual Design, Dev, Leadership

A collection and dump of my favorite general design work, websites and associated projects I have undertaken over the years.

From saving martial arts organizations on the brink of extinction to getting Roger Federer to notice me on twitter, I've had a weird but enjoyable journey.