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Deloitte Digital

Role: UX Designer
Date: Jul.2017 - Present

Worked on a large-scale task order encompassing transportation booking and customer profile management. Roles included wireframing, usability testing, and functional documentation. Due to client privacy, please contact me directly to learn more.

Tools: Axure RP, Sketch, Photoshop



Role: Co-Founder
Date: Jun.2011 - Jul.2017

Co-founded a start-up systems engineering LLC in Maryland servicing the Navy. Designed, branded, and developed a static website along with social media platforms.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap, IBM Rational Architect

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Virginia Tech


Role: UX Intern
Date: Dec.2015 - Dec.2016

Re-designed outdated network infrastructure software used by over 10,000 employees. Battled the UX nightmare of the VOIP phone. Directly mentored by UX professor Kim Gausepohl Ph.D.

Tools: Adobe XD, UXPin, Bootstrap, Photoshop

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The Perfect Brew - De Clieu

The Perfect Brew

Role: UX / Project Lead
Date: Feb.2018 - Present

The quest to make the ultimate digital coffee shop experience. Follow my team's progress live from start to finish.

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator

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Why My Website Sucks

Role: Me
Date: Apr.2016 - the day I get good

A diary of iterating through failure.

  1. Apr.2017: The Importance of Re-Invention
  2. Feb.2018: The Process of Identity, Through Logos
  3. Feb.2018: The Great Identity Crisis

Tools: Everything I know

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Misc. Collection

Role: Freelance
Date: 2010 - ??

A collection/dump of design work, websites, and projects I have undertaken over the years.

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