Josh 内藤 Kim is a co-researcher and co-designer of inclusive experiences

IAAP CPWA, Managing Staff Designer at Ad Hoc, and Accessibility Lead on Check out my articles and talks for more sauce.

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  1. 8+ years of interdisciplinary design work

    I've led discovery teams at the CIA and USDA, designed responsive travel experiences at Amtrak, and am currently guiding inclusive design and a11y strategy at Ad Hoc and Veterans Affairs.

    NDAs can't block my pro bono projects or my colleagues' glowing testimonials.

  2. Design educator, evangelist, and volunteer

    I'm all about democratizing the design community from paying mentorship forward to calling out exclusion when I see it.

    As a volunteer, I've paved accessibility efforts at AIGA DC and inclusively screened talks for the DotGov Design Conference.

    I’ve also written design ethics course material at the University of Virginia and have given talks at the US Digital Service, Carnegie Mellon, MICA, and Virginia Tech.

    Check out my articles and talks.

  3. Grounded in ethics, accessibility, and inclusion

    Dealbreaker time.

    1. I'm not an expert, because I can't represent the diversity of the human experience. I design with, I don't design for.
    2. My process doesn't start with a rectangle, because the best interface is usually no interface at all.
    3. Boring before magic. I won't design for delight until everyone has a foot in the door.
    4. I will never do work that causes harm or manipulates people. Honesty, transparency, and ethics are non-negotiable.


I wouldn't buy a product without reviews, no cap.

  • Josh is not only a brilliant UX designer, but also an inspiring leader. He serves as a mentor to 20+ designers, and he always makes time for creating and fostering authentic connections with his teams, users, and clients. I highly recommend Josh!

    Desislava Dancheva, Senior Product Designer at LinkedIn
  • Josh is a world-class UX designer, and a consummate ethicist. I was always impressed with his commitment to his guiding values and morals. I'll be following Josh's career trajectory closely because I have no doubt that he will continue to meaningfully change the world around him for the better.

    Cameron Harris, Trust and Safety at Meta
  • I had the utmost pleasure in working with Josh. I was impressed by his vigor in advocating for inclusive design and his ability to deliver the story behind our designs to clients. Josh would be a tremendous asset to any team.

    Shing Zhang, Senior UX Consultant at Salesforce
  • A11y Project Spotlight