Service Portal Redesign

I discovered a major neglected user group, began work on a design system, and ignited a paradigm shift towards human-centered design.

Thumbnails of the typographic scale I used, my research guide, and a report of provisional personas.

Selected Work and Projects

State health care app research guide

Leading User Research for a State Healthcare App

A story of persistence and (dare I say it) empathy- both the good, and the bad.

A line up of my past ugly portfolios

Why My Portfolio Website Sucks

Failure is literally a part of this portfolio's DNA; view a history of my edits and learn how I approach user interface challenges.

The logo of Coffee De Clieu

The Perfect Brew Failed Design Project

The doomed goal to make the ultimate digital coffee shop experience, and a lesson in why "perfect" doesn't exist in design.

More Work and Articles

A not-so-easy, but cost-effective guide to becoming a UX professional

A series of articles to help UX beginners on a budget transition into a lasting design career.

JULY 2019

Becoming a diversity champion

How I make diversity and inclusion both deliberate and tangible at Deloitte Digital.


Using design to guide startup culture

Co-founded a systems engineering LLC and learned the value of HCD by messing up alot.

JULY 2017

Navigating through the VOIP phone nightmare

Redesigned a provisioning system under the mentorship of Kim Gausepohl Ph.D.


Misc. collection of old work

A collection and dump of nostalgic work, most notably Roger Federer liking my stuff on twitter.