My UX Library Resume

My name is Josh Kim.

Empathy empowers and vectorizes my creative process. From observation to ideation and ultimately creation, I value being able to understand my user's problems from her perspective.

I am currently pursuing a calling as a UX Designer at Deloitte Digital.

  • Beyond UX, I'm expanding my cross-functional product literacy and capabilities with the very best in digital consulting.
  • I started and maintain our studio's design library as a book consultant.
  • I've become a champion of diversity.

Outside of work, I love to fail big. I am always learning. I am always sharing.

Some people I've worked with:
Deloitte Digital, Altria, Virginia Tech NIS, ITZ-LLC, City of Alexandria

My Tools:
Sketch, Axure RP, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bootstrap, Jira

Affinity Diagramming and WAAD Facilitation, Contextual Inquiry, Heuristic Evaluation, Ethnography, Interviewing, Personas (Cooper's Goal-Directed Method), Rapid Prototyping, Usability Testing

Fun facts:
I'm a kendoka, ukulele busker, and the #1 fan of Kei Nishikori (I play alot of tennis).

My mentors:
Brendan Strahm Deloitte Digital | 2017-Present
Kim Gausepohl, Ph.D, AUXP VT NIS | 2016

Connect with Me
Follow my UX adventures on insta @a_ux_apart
or catch up with my latest thoughts and articles on Medium.