My name is Josh Kim...

and change has been the only constant of my life, from moving all over the states in a minority, military family to busking across the world. It's how I've come to love my job so much. I enjoy adapting to new worlds, listening actively to new people and making their lives more delightful than before through design.

I've been a UX designer by trade for the past 2 years at Deloitte Digital. I also champion diversity and inclusion as a culture chair.

it me and my Deloitte Digital crew
I am currently pursuing a calling as a UX Designer at Deloitte Digital.

I do alot of work in the GPS (government and public service) world with the very best in digital consulting, and have helped design solutions for state health care and national defense. I am an outspoken evangelist for inclusive and ethical design within this space.

I've taken up a role as a culture chair to better champion diversity and inclusion.

I started, and now curate and maintain, our studio's design library. I tailor design book recommendations to peers and host French Press Friday book chats.

it me searching for users to interview in NYC
I'm a Qual Research kind of guy with experience in UI design and development.

Things I use:
Sketch (+Craft/Abstract), Axure RP, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bootstrap

What I do:
Heuristic Evaluations, Contextual Inquiry and Analysis, Affinity Diagramming and WAAD Facilitation, Client Product Workshops, User Modeling (Personas with Cooper's Goal-Directed Method), Rapid Prototyping and Usability Testing

Who I look up to: Koi Vinh, Steve Portigal, Indi Young, Alan Cooper, Margaret Lee... the list goes way too long.

it me lecturing at Carnegie
Outside of work, I love to fail big. I am always learning. I am always sharing.

See how I learned that design is never really perfect through a project that was scripted for failure from the start.

I am always reading a design book. Check out my personal collection here.

I am passionate about education. I've had the fortune of guest lecturing on HCI at CMU's IS school.

I also go out of my way to help new UX'ers without academic design backgrounds find the ropes.

Follow my UX journey on insta @a_ux_apart or catch up with my latest thoughts on Medium.

Josh's Quick Facts Zone

I'm a kendoka and have studied the sword for over a decade. I taught at Virginia Tech for all four of my undergraduate years as the club's president and captain. Under my leadership, the club hosted classes for hundreds of students and nurtured a competitive team that would fight at national tournaments.