Why my portfolio website sucks

My website really sucks, but that's ok. I make an effort to be critical and self-reflective on my work.

On an annual basis, I commit a month of time to trash and renew this website to better represent my growing values as a designer.

A stick figure man burning up in flames.
  • The 2019 homepage of Josh Kim UX was set on a white background. It was titled Inclusive UX Researcher and Designer with a yellow call to action and my ugly face on the right.

    2019 popped my bubble of naive realism and projection bias. As a result, I want to create more meaningful and inclusive products.

  • The 2018 homepage of Josh Kim UX was set on a grey card above a white background. It was titled My name is Josh Kim with a cheesy graphic of myself sitting in a suit. I cringe every time.

    I didn’t sit down in front of my computer to muscle an update in one go. Instead, it was an iterative process.

  • An illustrator artboard of various versions of my logo. It featured three blocky squares shaped to read out KIM along with two wireframe circles to mimic my Korean first name Young.

    I am a UX Designer. I am not a graphic designer. I am not developer. Can I do work in both? Yes, but that’s not what I want to communicate.

  • My 2016 portfolio featured a small picture of me in front of a Korean cathedral. The page was titled F/design which stands for Feather Design along with my supposed titles at the time: ux designer, graphic artist, and web developer.

    The doubt kicked in. Maybe my website really is bad. No, sweet and innocent younger me, it sucked and it always will.