• Building UX research practices for inclusion

    Maureen Barrientos and I teamed up to provide some tips on improving UX research tools and methods, mitigating the influence of our identities, and maturing practices towards justice.

  • Centering Disabled People in Government Technology

    I had the privilege of facilitating a majority disabled women panel on practicing accessibility beyond compliance and hiring people with disabilities in government.

  • I gave a "nitty gritty" talk on accessibility beyond compliance for the folks at the US Digital Service which covered strategy on maturing beyond a compliance mindset and conversations around hiring people with disabilities.

    Graphs depicting the difference in impact for people with disabilities between a compliance approach and an accessibility beyond compliance approach.
  • San Francisco Design Week: Design and Intersectionality Panel

    I joined a conversation on effective processes and teachable moments around making products that prioritize intersectionality. Learn more through Carbon Five's blog series on designing for intersectionality in tech.

  • I introduced students to design ethics, demoed how to catch common accessibility defects using a11y tools, and shared tips for inclusive research. The title of my talk was inspired by Sheri Byrne-Haber’s recent publication, "Giving a Damn About Accessibility."

    Pink annotations of heading levels on Mica's website and the headings map tool.
  • I gave a talk on Inclusive Design to the team at Opal which included several demos and workshops inspired by some of my favorite authors. Feel free to copy, edit, and adapt my google slides.

    Geordi doesn't like convenience sampling, he likes purposeful sampling.
  • I gave a lecture introducing students to design ethics and facilitated Kat Zhou's Layers of Effect activity. I also worked with the professor to architect new design ethics coursework.

    A colorful online whiteboard full of sticky notes in circles.
  • I led an interviewing workshop for junior and transitioning designers at Deloitte Digital. I later adapted versions of it for stakeholder workshops.

    An illustrated poster of a walking cartoon with headphones titled LISTEN UP
  • Over the past year, I read 41 books on design. Of all of the books recommended to me by mentors and peers, Greever’s “Articulating Design Decisions” was the most baffling in terms of credibility...

    The butterfly meme where a oblivious man wonders if the website how to be charming to woman is a credible source.
  • I gave a talk on empathy at the Interagency Visual Media Group Conference held at the National Intelligence University campus. I discussed the pitfalls of the UX world's beloved buzzword along with guidance on when it actually is appropriate.

    Mugatu with a smirk whispering... Empathy, so hot right now
  • You or a colleague may have discovered an interest or joy in UX a little late in your career. You may be looking into bootcamp courses or have been reading online articles in order to kickstart a career. If so, this is for you...

    Corporate needs you to find the differences between a 10 week bootcamp and the University of Phoenix. They're the same picture.
  • Diversity is not a weekly email bulletin. Diversity is an experience made tangible by real people. Here are some lessons I've learned from my mentor Nerissa on designing inclusive work spaces.

    Several folks gathered around a table for french press coffee sampling.
  • I was invited to give a talk on human computer interaction on behalf of Deloitte Digital. I worked with the professors to tailor content to the course which led to facilitating a crazy eights workshop to help the students ideate concepts for their capstone projects.

    A circular lecture hall full of students with me in the center waving my hands.