A diary on getting good


My website sucks. But that's good, it means I can get better at what I do. On an annual basis, I commit a month of time to revisit my image and brand fueled by snacks from 7/11 and pizza. Here's the story so far:

  1. Apr.2017: The Importance of Re-Invention
  2. Feb.2018: The Process of Identity, Through Logos
  3. Feb.2018: The Great Identity Crisis

Change-Log Since v3.

Date Change
10/30/18 Updated table format for changelog.

Fixed the column which was unreadable on mobile. Since I couldn't figure out how to debug the responsive table at the moment, I opted to simply reduce the number of columns to make mobile reading easier. On the flip side, the desktop version is difficult to scan since the column for "reason" became wider. However, since it is still more usable than the un-usable prior version on mobile by a large margin, I have opted for this bandaid fix. I've also added images of the changes to the most recent items as well.
10/30/18 Changed "Work" page layout.

Previous version of this page was not very scannable on mobile. Too many large titles and featured images were distracting and devalued the more important articles I want people to actually read through. Furthermore, the locked Deloitte Digital article did little to help in terms of interaction as it simply said to "contact me" despite being the most prioritized item on the page. Furthermore, other articles such as my Perfect Brew project were hidden beneath many of the others above. To solve this, I re-named the first work section as "Featured Work." I re-ordered the existing items and wrote a new article I wanted people to view. The formerly locked Amtrak article was changed into a smaller card format hopefully reducing frustration of not immediately getting information. I'm still considering if I want this up there at all. Since I changed the name to "featured" I'm able to bump up my perfect brew project as well to the top portion and give it more visibility. The bottom as work.other could hold less important articles that simply add more context to my background.
07/13/18 Changed "Why I Read" Description on Reading List
Not so much usability based, but I came to a new realization that my motivations for reading had changed. Whereas originally it was for solely for study and passing the time, it grew into a passion and mission. After beginning work on health-related state level projects, I realized every design decision I made would have sizable consequences. I want to be better not for me, but for the people who will ultimately use what I create. That's all the motivation I need.
07/13/18 Added "Read More" Button on Reading List
Content on reading list page became inconsistent since some books had significantly more content others. This broke the design on the page and would have forced me to use masonry (which I tried), which broke symmetry and chronological order. Losing order made the page less user friendly. Adding a read more button grants progressive disclosure and improves scannability. This still needs work though since after clicking "read more" it does not change to "read less."
06/30/18 Changed Star Icon to Heart on Reading List
Stars can communicate an implicit rating. A heart represents a "favorite" item more appopriately.