• Drake doesn't like convenience sampling, he likes purposeful sampling.

    I gave a talk on Inclusive Design to the team at Opal which included several demos and workshops inspired by some of my favorite authors. Feel free to copy, edit, and adapt my google slides.

  • A colorful online whiteboard full of sticky notes in circles.

    I gave a lecture introducing usability engineering students to design ethics. I made use of Kat Zhou's Layers of Effect activity which worked great with Mural. Outside of the lecture, I also helped architect new design ethics coursework.

  • A diagram that highlights design, process, and outcome as collective focus points.

    At the beginning of 2019, I set a goal to hustle harder by studying and annotating 30 books related to my career as a UX designer by year end on top of my client work and volunteering obligations...

  • The classic butterfly meme where a man asks if how to be charming to woman is a credible source.

    Over the past year, I read 41 books on design. Of all of the books recommended to me by mentors and peers, Greever’s “Articulating Design Decisions” was the most baffling in terms of credibility...

  • Empathy, so hot right now- Mugatu.

    I was invited to share a talk on empathy at the Interagency Visual Media Group Conference held at the National Intelligence University campus. I discussed the pitfalls of the UX world's beloved buzzword along with guidance on when it actually is appropriate.

  • A UI sketch board featuring Korean cities listed randomly in cards.

    I hit a roadblock today as I was reading through The Sketch Handbook by Christian Krammer- the Craft plugin wasn’t randomizing my text or photo data when I used the duplicate feature. It also seems like many others have been experiencing this issue...

  • Corporate needs you to find the differences between a 10 week bootcamp and the University of Phoenix. They're the same picture.

    You or a colleague may have discovered an interest or joy in UX a little late in your career. You may be looking into bootcamp courses or have been reading online articles in order to kickstart a career. If so, this is for you...

  • A meme of President Trump holding up Deloitte's diversity and inclusion email statement.

    You can’t expect minorities to believe in diversity because a weekly bulletin on it exists. Diversity can only be believed if you can see and interact with it concretely...